that was reallyreally stupid thing i ever done :(

i miss him , yeah last night was really such a nightmare . youu the bast damn thing ever happen to me sayaang . sory for every single things i buat . seriusly i jage betol2 relation ktew ney sayaang . 
okaay , mata i still bengkak plus it look like BURUNG HANTU ==" . any idea cmnew na hilangkan ? kepala dah la gyla pening then i really can stop nanges :( . tapena ad sorang boy pun yang penaa buat i mcam ney . hell yes baby , you the perfect thing sayaang .  get well soon taw sayaang (: i doakan youu the beest shawty . im promise i always be here for youu .
you my favourite crushie <3 

sory for ta dataang sch todaay , sory for being so rude last night , sory for annoying you out and sory sweety cos da lamee sgaat kan i ta update blog .
i wish i can be such a disipline gurl starting today . hihiik (:
byeee baby byeee .xoxo 

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