imissyouu BESTIE

i miss youu ANGELS :) . yeah , a friend is the person youu always talk to , but the bestfriend is the one who always here for your problem but hey this is what i told them , i have a lot of people that be my friend but just   about one in a million who arereally my super.duper.great.bestie .
thanks baby for standing beside me everytime i had a problem . yeah man , youu such a sweet and little annoying sibling for me sometyme . hahaa :) .
guys , without youu acha could not even smile today .
she cant even goes on with her life baby ,
she not going to relise her mistake.
and to be a better person for the family , boyfie and relationship <3 .
for the years we been through in every pain and joy .
i am so thankful to GOD for sending you guys in my life ,
after all , those teach me the real meaning bout life .

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