i didnt blogging for a few days . so much thing to say , i mean i really need to share . okay , first of all i HATE exam ! seriusly , paper kali ney susaa sgaat . yes , maybee i yang taa bce kan  . yes, thats my fault . i need to SHARE ! i mean yes i need someone , i need more than bestie , boyfie , friend , family or sibling .i need GOD .okay , i keep dreaming bout my ex and it full of misery :( . i dont know why but i keep thinking of him for 3 day and its so damn terrible .i dunt know what else to think , i need to share with my S , but everyone is busy for examination . i dont say like they dont give an attention for me , they do . they such really sweet bestie for me . it just i dont know how to share with them , sume orang tgaa ad problem . sory saraa , if i didnt there for you to listen to your problem , sory baby gurl :(
im scared baby , yeah i need my am right now tapi every time i kol him , he is busy with the talent time . yes , sure youu need time for practise kan sayaang . okay , i pahaam bndaa tu , but i dont know why , when im with youu its like i dont remember any single thing bout that JERKS! , that night was such a real nightmare ,i dont want to know anything bout that night , just go , please goo ! i dont want you , GO AWAY ! just go and i'll be fine :( . i dont know youu , you such a criminal . you broke my heart . you give me strengh but when i need youu you leave me for another gurl , you lie to me . it all just FAKE . yes , shitt i hate you FAKER !its not easy for me to let you go after a lot of memory happen between us . just go , go ,go and go ! go far far away from me .that was too perfect to forget , how can youu easily change ??? dont remind me bout that night anymore .i dont know why 
luka tuh tapena sembuh .knangan tuh tapena terpadam , sayang tuh msih setia . dendam tuh belom terpadam . please i dont want to be broken heart again , i dont want to keep hating you for the rest of my life . just go boy , im begging you GO !i found someone better than youu . yeah ,just him that can make me feel better without youu . im begging youu boy . go and dont come back . i dont need you,i dont want that dream , i dont want that feeling , i dont need your love AGAIN ! i know you never gonna change, no matter what you say, there no more chance for you .shit , i hate youu !

Oh! Hold on a minute,
My friend’s going to visit,
Maybe I will cheer up now :)

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