okaay , someone is boring right now .

ergggggggggggh !
first aq na nagging byaak2 todaay ,
then rse caam na maraa oraang jeh ,
then boley taa jgan sape2 kcaw aq today? ,
im tired plus boring okaay right now and yes felt so damn terrible since last night .
baby , i neeed youu .
huwaaaa ! mamaa apesal lah you still kne kejew eventhough its a weekeend la mamaa .
i need a starbuck right now = ="
seriusly , ape bndaa ney .
dalaa phone kne tarik , mama outstation then taboley hangout .plus asyek kene kacaw jeh dgan little annoying brother . noo ! its should be super.annoying.brother okay !
gylaa kew weyh ?
an the worst part is im still not studying for my mid year examination soon .
im not having a GREAT time this month .
yees like shitt .
june june, come here baby :)
im going to meet all my baby gurl on june .
wish youu guys were here huneey .
sumpaa sedey gylaa .

okay when im feeling bored , this is what im going to do 

saraaa , i miss chu baby <3
thanks stalker . xoxo

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