we lovee capitaal S

well , what  S really stands for ? it not just an abjaad okaay . it means a looot to all of us. so doont you talk sumthink bad bout it or im gonna kill youu okaay bitch ? ilovethose people ! they really like sweet angle to mee . i love sharing this great friendship dgaan you guys . aww ! HAHAA .

let me tell youu somethink bout schaa<3 .
she just my new bestie i can figure outt . hahaaa . she always be good sisteeer for mee , she truly HOT just the way she is. and guess somethinks that you cant ever forget bout her ? a pair of ANNOYING EYE . hahaa .but i swear she really super.damn.amazing and iloveyouu EMOSCHA :)

faten  is my new sweetheart . i call her bulatt . hahaa :) . pipii dea mcaam bola ping pong weyy . hehee .seriusly im having soo muuuuuuch fuuun spending tyme with youu sayaang :) . lagii tiaap2 morninks nyanyi laguu barney kan dgaan youu . HAHA . BIG TUMMY :) . well ,tankiyouu sgaat la kan tlong i dpatkan boyfiee idamaan i tuh babes . tankiyouu gurls for always there for mee . iloveyouu mucch moreee <3

i fall in love with gurls sincee the first tymee i know her .she had the cuteeest smile. i love the way she laugh eventhough it sounds weird and funny . HAHAA . mataa dea sepeet weyy . hehee . but better watch outt cos she been along since last year ==" . iloveyouu babes , hopee we stay be classmate okaay next year :)she is the only persoon that called me achaa, machaa, ewchaa,kemboong  . nway i love thoose name .a bigg  tankiyouu sgaat la kan pekooo <3

naah , this is the beautiful gurls in our group . ROSES <3 . she is really brave in expressing her weird idea but i thinks it cool babe . she have a perfect face to make a guy fall in love with . i swaer bout it . single make she looks perfect , that what she told mee . great right ? she could even staay smile even without a boyfiee . iloveyouu rose and iloveyour name too <3

every each of them are special for me ,i love this friendship a lot more .
iloveyouu guys more than my boyfiee . hahaa . sory am :p
tankiyouu for being a great super sister <3 .
even i nea yang pling mudaa kan but act i proud dpaat bestie yang tuaa mcaam korunk semua tuuh . HAHAA . and for my boyfiee , ILOVEYOUU a looot . i had big crush with youu since the first tymee i saw youu . i dunt know how long with this relation could hang onn . but i swear i cant stop thinking bout youu . not even a secoond biey .
if only i can know youu better right . if only ktew tapayaa gdoee kan .
i wish i can be better gurl for youu .
iloveyouu ameerul <3

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