my perfect crush

red is what i want to bee .waiting for youu to found me something interesting ,
i love my life with what i used to be,
with great super sister i have with mee , 
with this sweet complicated relation with my perfect crush, 
ouh yaah sory 'my annoying little brother too' . heeh ==" .
well, being teenage is not as sweet as fairytales. 
last night im crying but now im laughing .i hate writing but now im telling youu my things .
 well,who cares right ? thats what acha always be . HAHAA .
 for sure laah i miss my boyfiee a looooot kaan ..
 sometyme i feel jerk for not being a great gf for him, 
but sometyme i feel great cos i want hin to love me the way i am ,  the bad thing you dont wish to know bout mee.
ouh boy, if only i just could say it loudly in front of youu how much i adore you for every secoond on my life,if only i can understand the way you are biey,
if only you know how much i miss you every singlee day ,
if only youu know how muuuuuch i lovee youu biey ,if only i can tell youu this weird feeling .i wish i could ==' .

sory cos taa pick up your call ,
i read something dialog you dgan gurls manea ntah .
ouh seem like you close dgan budak tuuh kan .
good lah tuu kan :) ,
at least she can make youu feel happy even i wish to be that gurl .
im being like budak 3 years kan . dunt know lah dear , with youu jeh everything goes weirdly ,
i dunt know why .
i miss youu , i doo miss youu am , and im still loving youu until right noow .
i just hopee you know that i always want to be the best for yoouu .
someone that you never gonna forget even 100 years later ,
cos youu know why , i been such in lovee with youu <3

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